Redyfne Care Services

Redyfne Care offer extensive short term and long term homecare services including:

Morning and evening visits

Short visits to assist in getting started in the morning with breakfast, taking medicines, bathing and dressing and then helping with the evening meal and bedtime.

Mealtime support

Help with meal preparation and feeding is when required

Medicine assistance

Help in taking prescribed medicines and also collecting prescripiton medication from the pharmacy or GP

Shopping & Pension collection

We offer both a simple assistance in travelling to and around the shops to a full shopping collection and then put the shopping away at home. We can also collect pensions for you or escort the patient in collecting their pension

Household chores & gardening

We can help with day to day household chores, cleaning, washing, hoovering, ironing and also help with keeping any gardens maintained and tidy

Social activities

When getting out and about needs assistance we can help with everything from packing suitably to escorting the patient on their excursions

Overnight care

When required we offer the comfort of knowing someone is there through the night to attend to any needs

Respite care

A temporary alternative to a the usual care arrangements, giving rest to the usual carer when needed

Live in care (24 hour support)

24 hour care and support gives peace of mind and security

Disability care

Personal and practical care services available for people with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities.

End of life care

At this difficult time we offer pain and symptom management, and assist patients and families through the death and dying process.

Care for children

We offer assistance to children and their families

For more detailed information about Redyfne Care please call:

Tel (Office Hours and Out of Hours): 020 8443 7024
Alternative Number: 07728 369061

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.